NTRIP? Caster? Client?

NTRIP (Network TRansport of RTCM data over IP) is an international accepted protocol for broadcasting GNSS correction data in RTCM format via internet. The NTRIP caster takes data from one or more data stream sources and provides it to one or more NTRIP clients (end users).

In case of the SPSLux network, the data stream sources are the network reference stations providing raw GNSS data to the caster over an internet connection. The data is processed within the SPSLux network and corrections are send out to the NTRIP clients, the SPSLux users. In order to receive corrections, the user’s rover has to be connected to the NTRIP caster. This implies a work area in range of a cellular service or internet connection.  

The data format for exchange by NTRIP is normally RTCM.

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