What it is…

The department of territorial information of the Luxemburgish cadastre and mapping agency is responsible for managing and maintaining the local satellite positioning system, named SPSLux (Satellite Positioning System Luxembourg). SPSLux is a positioning service free of charge, that allows you to accurately calculate your position down to a few centimeters. In this way, SPSLux provides the fundamental horizontal and vertical position reference for many vital activities, such as mapping, land boundary survey, land administration, agriculture, building construction, infrastructure development, railway development, town planning, environmental protection, etc.

What it offers…

SPSLux offers real time and post-processing services. Those services are either streamed in real time via internet or can be downloaded afterwards.

The SPSLux real time services provide different types of correction data, such as network RTK (Real Time Kinematic), RTK and DGNSS (Differential GNSS), streamed in real time via an internet connection. Based on these corrections, the user’s GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver can calculate its position in real time at a rate of 1Hz. The real time positional accuracy of network RTK and RTK corrections is about 2-5 cm, good GNSS conditions and measurement conducted in a professional manner assumed. The accuracy of DGNSS corrections is about half a meter.

The post-processing service consists of providing GNSS observations in RINEX format from the continuously running GNSS reference stations. The RINEX files are generally available within 24 hours. Post-processing applications allow to achieve accuracy up to a few millimeters.   

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